Media Buying

We keep a strong pulse on the industry.

Effective media planning and buying is about finding the most appropriate channel to share your message with your ideal audiences, at the right time and at the best price. That might just sound like numbers and figures, but demographics are only a small component of media planning. We believe psychographics make up a much more important part of a powerful strategy.

Our methodology starts with defining the mindset and behavior patterns of our target audience to determine the best way to reach them. We work to gain the insights needed to ensure we’re connecting with primary targets through relevant, timely channels.

At evōk, we research, develop, plan, place, manage and post 100% of all paid media in-house. This means we get to orchestrate every last move to ensure the greatest opportunity for creative integration and audience connection. From traditional channels to mobile marketing, search engine marketing and emerging platforms, we keep a strong pulse on the industry to remain poised to incorporate new mediums as they become available.

Where your audience is, we are too.

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