Community and Technical Adult Education

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Dedicated to providing relevant, high-quality education opportunities at an affordable price and on a flexible schedule, Marion County Community and Technical Adult Education has served Central Florida since 1973.

Working with over 3,300 students each year, CTAE makes it a point to offer a broad range of courses and training programs, while still providing one-on-one, hands-on instruction.

In partnering with the organization, our goals were to increase awareness of CTAE’s offerings, ultimately growing enrollment. To do this, we knew we would have to create unique and memorable advertising and public awareness campaigns capable of connecting with potential adult students. Additionally, creating online brand recognition and establishing a brand culture for CTAE through social media became a priority, as it would inherently increase knowledge of their programs within the community.


On a mission to position CTAE as a leader in non-traditional education by showcasing their ability to help graduates achieve their career and personal goals, the evok team developed the ‘Can You Imagine’ creative campaign.

The campaign’s aspirational message prompted potential students to envision their life if they chose to attend CTAE, with a new career, a brighter tomorrow, new opportunities and more presented as possibilities. Matching the new campaign concept, we reimagined the institution’s full line of advertising pieces, carrying a new, refreshed design across course catalogs, brochures, print and digital ads, and more.

Ensuring the new messaging and aesthetic would be seen by the most appropriate audiences, we also negotiated, placed and managed integrated media buys, including radio (terrestrial and digital/Pandora), SEM, print and out-of-home. Each touch point was strategically chosen to effectively reach those actively looking for a new career, adults in need of continued education and recent high school graduates searching for a way to get on the fast track to joining the workforce.


In less than one year of engagement, our cross-departmental efforts were successful in securing:

  • 2,737 new Facebook fans
  • 1,148,944 impressions
  • 922,792 unique users

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