Industry: Consumer Electronics,

Capabilities: Creative, Marketing,


Dual Electronics, a prime mobile electronics manufacturer based in Heathrow, FL and longtime partner of evok, needed updated packaging for all product lines to address their growth and extended retail reach.

The company’s increased reach into top retail chains and international markets necessitated a major redesign to include trilingual copy, as well as new graphics to reflect the brand’s status as holding the sixth largest market share in the industry.


Following our research-based approach to effective design, we conducted an extensive study of retail packaging, and prepared a report for Dual based upon this research.

The study examined buying trends, competitor packaging and covered such areas as product demographics, color, layout and shape.

Supplying Dual with this exclusive report helped to ensure that the client knew upon what basis we were designing the packaging—that Dual would have a greater degree of comfort with our design proposals as the result of understanding the process. Using the principles outlined in our study, our creative team created several preliminary designs that were presented to the client.


Dual selected two complementary designs for separate product categories in order to give each category a distinctive identity that was still consistent with the overall brand identity.

The utilized strong colors and clean graphics appeal to the 16 to 34 male demographic, and stand out from competing products on the retail shelf. The redesign also skillfully accommodates trilingual copy, avoiding a “crowded” appearance. All elements came together seamlessly to create the visual impact Dual wanted and needed.

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