Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Industry: Nonprofit,

Capabilities: Media,


The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) promotes “a safer Florida.” The department works to ensure safety on highways and provide quality service to residents and visitors who travel to the third-largest state in the U.S. FLHSMV partnered with our agency to advertise its Holiday Travel campaign throughout the months of November and December. They wanted to place online ads and target English-speaking motorists and tourists traveling throughout the state during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. FLHSMV hoped to show the importance of driver safety on Florida’s roads through education and awareness about slowing down, buckling up, driving sober and driving without distractions during the busy holiday season.


First, our agency established our demo audience, English-speaking travelers aged 18–30. We then targeted them through collected data and placed digital banner ads on top-performing websites that index well with them. With an allocated budget, our agency ran the banner ads across a variety of targeted websites, such as AccuWeather, Forbes, Kohl’s, WebMD, Nasdaq and others.

On top of targeting our audience on specific websites, we ensured the ads were served on the appropriate device. For example, out-of-town travelers often use mobile devices rather than desktops, so we targeted them through mobile and desktop ads. Throughout the two-month Holiday Travel campaign, we monitored the digital banner ads and recorded which one generated the highest
click-through rates. We subsequently took that higher-performing ad and served it more often in the ad rotations.


After the campaign ended, and the holiday rush settled, our team logged the results. We efficiently delivered 18.2 million target audience impressions, a +68% over delivery against the projected of 10.8 million impressions. Furthermore, the campaign’s click-through rate reached 10%, .03 points above the industry average of .07%.

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