Florida Sports Foundation

Industry: Sports Marketing,

Capabilities: Creative, Digital, Research,


Keeping Florida active since 1992, the Florida Sports Foundation provides the state’s residents with opportunities to get into the spirit of the game. It also assists communities with securing, hosting and retaining sporting events and sports related business.

With a substantial agenda and events happening nearly every week, the Foundation’s website acts as a hub of information for any person looking to get involved in local sports. However, an outdated design that lacked responsiveness across devices, a flood of content on each page lacking hierarchy for easy readability, and confusing navigation made the website overwhelmingly difficult to gather information. Working to bring the Florida Sports Foundation to a new high score in the digital realm, our interactive department set out to transform the website with a focus on user experience (UX) and easy navigation.


Using a distinct arrowhead design and dynamic, high-quality photography of athletes and unique homepage menu leveraging iconography for simple navigation, our team created a bold website that genuinely conveyed the thrill of competition.

One of the biggest challenges we rose to was creating an easy-to-navigate content structure for the website. With dozens of pages of content across a number of categories, it was easy for visitors to get lost when trying to find the information they were seeking.

  • To resolve this issue, we developed a content hierarchy that separated each page’s content into manageable chunks, leveraging header tags and accordion-style drop downs.
  • To improve SEO and further simplify navigation, we updated the website’s URLs to be more relevant, readable and accurate.


With dynamic photography, prominent calls to action and a new site structure placing the most important information front and center, the new Florida Sports Foundation website now effectively showcases the organization’s offerings, maintaining Florida as a major player in the wide world of sports.

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