Flying Pan

Industry: Restaurants,

Capabilities: Creative, Research, Strategy,


Already successful in Australia and the Middle East, BFC Retail Group chose evōk to expand their fast-casual dining chain, The Crêpe Café, to the US.

The Crêpe Café is a restaurant focused on offering fresh, healthy alternatives with combinations of its signature dish, the crêpe. While there’s some familiarity with crêpes in the US, BFC Retail Group understood the need to position the chain specifically to Americans.


Evōk kicked off the rebranding process of The Crêpe Café with comprehensive research of its competitors, target consumers and industry. From our research, we found that the client needed a name that was fun and whimsical but also had a clear link to its core offering. The result was Flying Pan Café & Crêpes—”flying” to highlight the restaurant as a QSR and “pan” inciting fresh, made-to-order food.

Complete with a new website, Flying Pan Café & Crêpes now entices foodies to break from their food routine and enjoy crêpes inspired by flavors from around the world.

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