Within the Lonza’s family of consumer goods brands, HTH® Pool Care is an established industry leader in maintaining pools clear and blue for families throughout the country.

Since 1928, HTH® has focused on creating quality, American-made pool care products, with their full lines carried at major retailers, including Wal-Mart and Meijer.

Our team was brought onboard to help increase awareness of the HTH® brand, products and services amongst its key audiences by reaching meaningful impressions in the target market during peak season (May through October). Objectives for the engagement included increasing website traffic by 25 percent during peak season, improving digital coupon redemption rate by 10 percent and lowering its pay-per-click campaign CPC below $3.00.

Our multi-specialized teams are responsible for all research, planning, placement, posting and reporting.


We wanted to position HTH® by highlighting one of their unique characteristics: longevity.

However, instead of focusing on claims of years in business, we took a different, more human approach more likely to resonate with their audiences. We focused on moments shared in the family pool, across multiple generations, recognizing HTH® as a trusted family product when it comes to keeping waters clear and ready for pool activities.

Our creative department developed the Test to Swim campaign which was carried across display banners, rich media expendables, video pre-roll and social media graphics to create a unified, integrated brand message.

HTH® branded Test to Swim™ Stations were introduced at select Wal-Mart and Meijer locations across the United States.

  • This easy-to-use kiosk allows customers to bring in a sample of their pool water to test in-store and receive instructions on how to get their pool sparkling blue.
  • We were tasked with creating creative materials to promote the stations, including online display banners and interactive Contobox banners that expended to a microsite after rollover and included video and content on the products as well as retail location finders and maps.
  • In addition, our team wrote, directed and produced an on-location video at a Wal-Mart store outfitted with a Test to Swim™ Station.


Working within a $395,000 budget to achieve all of the aforementioned objectives, we honed our efforts to strategically utilize client dollars to their fullest potential, leveraging connections with media reps and industry partners to secure added-value opportunities for HTH®.

  • Google AdWords paid media metrics clock in at twice industry standards and continue to improve month over month, coming in significantly below our $3.00 CPC target for the season, at $2.63.
  • Video completion rate goals were 75% and these were exceeded comfortably with a current average of nearly 90%.
  • Across the social media landscape, our evōking social team’s efforts led to nearly 4,000 new HTH® Facebook fans in just three months of engagement and grown page reach by over 12,750%.
  • Website visitation numbers have also exceeded the overall summer campaign objective, pacing at +28.4% YOY.

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