Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club


Nestled on 900 acres of Florida’s pristine Gulf Coast, Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Florida is one of America’s premier golf destinations. Additionally, this fantastic resort is also a “sweet spot” for truly memorable family vacations, special events and inspirational group meetings.

In 2009, when this promotion was created, two nationwide surveys agreed Americans are taking a hard look at vacation costs. As the dollar continued to weaken and the economy went into a slump, the market began to alter often long-standing vacation plans. According to the Travel Industry Association, more than two-thirds of respondents to the most recent survey said they had downsized their trips in some way during the past six months because of personal financial concerns. A survey conducted by AIG Travel Guard found that 47 percent of travelers polled planned to downscale their vacations to save money.

  • 29% downsized by taking fewer trips
  • 16% selected less expensive lodging
  • 12% stayed away fewer nights
  • 11% chose closer vacation destinations
  • 7% changed destinations

While Americans remained cautious of how much they’re spending on vacations that year, there was no evidence that proved they intended to give them up completely.


Our research, working with guest survey cards and our merchant services account, showed there were certain areas of the country that presented a higher propensity to travel to Tampa, specifically Innisbrook and, while visiting, they played golf.

Innisbrook has four courses and golfers typically play with four players, inspiring our Perfect Foursome promotion.

Utilizing geo-targeted magazines, such as GolfStyles, online geo and behavioral targeted PPC, social media messaging and working with our client GolfWeek magazine for special geo-targeted inserts and emails, we reached out to the Midwest, offering multiple price-point co-op experiences.

Packages included a round of golf for each night of stay, a spacious suite, club storage, practice range, dinner and a visit to an area attraction.


With a modest budget of less than $25,000, the promotion generated more than 1,500 inquiries, 800+ room nights, 1,200+ rounds of golf, $200,000 in new revenue and countless memorable experiences.

The Perfect Foursome campaign is now an annual shoulder-season promotion, targeting Midwest golfers during a time of year that’s too cold for golfing there, but the USP of Florida golf and hospitality is “on par.”

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