Leadbetter Golf

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David Leadbetter is a world-renowned golf instructor, an expert in the technique, mechanics, and intricacies of the game. A coach of many top PGA, LPGA, and European Tour players, David also hosts a radio show, writes books, develops new training aids, and works to bring elite instruction to golfers of all ages and playing levels.

One of his many endeavors is offering training and certification in the Leadbetter instruction style to other golf teaching pros.


Taking the existing Leadbetter brand elements, we advanced that into a fully responsive, retina-ready platform that included the following:

  • Login system for trainers
  • Paid memberships offered on a subscription basis
  • Member access to exclusive lessons, videos, and a custom-built certification system
  • Trainers listed on a Google Map, with privacy and configuration options for their “pinpoint”
  • Custom media kit, giving trainers access to a collection of official promotional materials

Certification system for trainers included:

  • Passing a series of quizzes would allow members to become Leadbetter Certified Trainers
  • Multiple levels of certification were possible depending on how far a trainer progressed into the lessons, with different restricted content available to Level 1 and Level 2 trainers
  • Admins had the ability to offer concessions for re-takes, modify pass thresholds, and view statistics

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