The “Installer’s Choice,” Metra Electronics is a recognized national leader in mobile audio accessories, kits and cabling. For over 60 years, Metra has maintained its cutting edge by paying attention to the marketplace and innovating products to fit the needs of the installer.

Metra is the parent company for a series of car audio accessory brands, including: Axxess Integrate, Ballistic, Connects2, Heise, iBeam, Installer Institute, Taptor, Shurken, Install Bay, T-Spec, Ammotenna, and has branched out to encompass home theatre brands including: Helios, Ethereal, EHD and Spyclops.


Brand Development

As the market and marketplace evolves, so does consumer preference and brands that don’t evolve with, or even ahead of, the market will quickly get left behind. Over the four years evok worked with the Metra team, we launched and brand positioned several new lines of products, including Raptor, Ballistic and Ethereal, while supporting the brand within both B2B and B2C channels.

Product Development

From concept to CAD, to prototype, industrial design has always been and remains a passion of the creative team at evok. Our team has personally been responsible for the development of more than 100 patents for industrial design, earning multiple CES Innovations Awards for our efforts.

Packaging Design and Development

The retail floor is constantly evolving – what was an aided sales floor has in some cases become unaided, and vice versa. Packaging needs to be more than utilitarian, it must extend the brand personality, while optimally designing to fit in a master carton, be conducive to international shipping, be cognizant of shelf space and retailer requirements and encourage sales and deter theft.

Sales Collateral Development

Arming Metra internal sales force, distributors and rep. firms with a wide variety of sales and promotional materials, our team implemented the updated brand identity across a full suite of sales collateral. This included the creation of interactive presentations, product information sheets, pocket folders and sales brochures.

Digital Marketing

Each line of products within the Metra family has an on line presence, some accessed only by installers as a guide, but others consumer facing to heighten brand affinity. When all the sites can maintain their own brand identity, yet still come together as a family and exceed UX, you’ve “won the Internet.”

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