MZI HealthCare

Industry: Healthcare,

Capabilities: Creative, Marketing, Research,


MZI Healthcare (MZI) developed and provided healthcare organizations with sophisticated software that delivered a seamless integration of patient care and financial management with a web-based technology platform.

With clients ranging from Independent Physician Associations (IPAs), Provider Managed Service Organizations (MSOs), and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), to Medicare Advantage Plans, health plans and health systems, MZI’s software solutions are powerful enough to take on everyday activities, and perform at a high enough level to help manage large scale operations.

While the company’s suite of software options offered efficient solutions for their clients, the business suffered from a disjointed brand identity that lacked any defining qualities and had fallen extremely out of date.


To ensure MZI’s brand effectively carried its products’ differentiating characteristics through all channels of communication, we worked to establish and maintain a consistent brand identity and key messaging.

Our creative department embarked on a complete brand overhaul with a goal of promoting MZI’s powerful tools with engaging visuals and compelling copywriting.

As with all of our rebranding projects, our team began with extensive, in-depth research, pinpointing the business’ exact target markets and focusing on short- and long-term objectives. From the information we gathered, we were able to determine that the MZI brand needed a sophisticated, tech-forward look and feel fit for a growing healthcare technology company.

Once we created a new, updated look for the brand, we set out to carry it across relevant channels:

  • We developed identity collateral inclusive of business cards, brand guidelines, and presentation templates.
  • Additionally, our team created a full suite of marketing materials, including ads, information sheets and an e-newsletter.
  • Finally, we created tradeshow booth graphics to ensure our client would stand out and stand above at all relevant industry meetings and conferences they attended.


Due to the big financial and technological investment purchasing healthcare software demanded from hospitals and doctors’ offices, the sales process for MZI’s suite of products often took over a year. With a new modern aesthetic, optimized messaging and a wealth of strong marketing materials at their fingertips, MZI’s sales team enjoyed a healthy dose of success following our efforts.

In April 2014, MZI Healthcare was successfully acquired by CitraHealth, doing business as Orange Health at the time of the acquisition.

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