Industry: Packaged Goods,

Capabilities: Creative,


Breaking into the jewelry industry is almost as difficult as breaking into a jewelry store. Should the enterprising jeweler go direct to market through online sales, through boutiques or perhaps through rep firms with established relationships to help open doors? An agency with expertise in packaged goods and the selling cycle of the jewelry industry can help navigate the waters.

Merchandising can make or break an emerging brand in the jewelry industry, especially when the manufacturer wants to see its products in-store, on the shelf at just over opening price point.


Naming, packaging, sell sheets, interactive development, point-of-purchase and point-of-sale displays are just a few of the marketing elements required for brand launch.


The name “ONYA” came from, well…you got it, it’s “on you.” It tied in with both the playfulness of the brand that emulated the whimsical nature of the jewelry design. Passing a USPTO check, the name was trademarked and quickly went into logo development.

Brand Development

Brand coloring, affordable, yet unique packaging, sell sheets, consumer brochures and a tradeshow booth to attract manufacturer rep firms were all elements within the initial brand development.

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