Orange County Public Schools


Orange County Public Schools Career and Technical Education (OCPS CTE) provides short-term practical career training, most often resulting in an immediate job opportunity.

With four tech centers and five campus locations, Career and Technical Education is an integral part of the OCPS K–12 system and works in close partnership with surrounding businesses and industries. Each program provides quality training and preparation for entering the workplace with the knowledge and competence needed to compete in a global marketplace. In addition, the diversity of these program offerings strengthens the economic base of the community by providing a well-trained workforce.

Prior to joining forces with our team, OCPS CTE was in need of increasing awareness of its programs and services in order to grow enrollment. Our research showed that prospects valued OCPS CTE’s ability to provide low-cost, convenient, short-term career training. Career certificate programs are very affordable with most taking approximately one year to complete, making this the institute’s biggest competitive advantage.


Our strategic solution was to create an integrated, multimedia advertising program to stimulate action.

It communicated key strengths as an educational provider with a goal of creating more awareness and enrollment opportunities for the tech centers.

Based on our research findings, we positioned OCPS CTE’s services as a fast, low-cost career path in comparison to a four-year degree with a high tuition. Our marketing statement, “1/4 the Cost. 1/4 the Time.” was visually reinforced with quarters and headlines encouraging individuals to make a change.

The campaign was strategically optimized to reach a tight geographic segment within the Orlando DMA, which accounts for more than 80 percent of enrolled students. Media vehicles included cable TV, interactive ads that offered the ability for TV viewers in digital households to use their remote to obtain a direct mail piece, in-cinema advertising, bus advertising (external signage and internal video displays), outdoor, radio, direct mail, print, interactive and online direct-response.


Because of our messaging that spanned across numerous platforms, OCPS CTE had a visible increase in positive interactions. We were successful in:

  • Increasing web visits by 40 percent during peak advertising periods.
  • Establishing method for tracking phone activity to a centralized number; calls now averaging more than 100 per month.
  • Developing monthly web leads system that produced 1,344 highly qualified prospects during the campaign, with a conversion rate of 3 percent.

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