Planet Smoothie


One of the country’s top smoothie shops, Planet Smoothie offers blended real fruit drinks across a variety of lifestyle categories, including protein, energy and light options.

Partnering with 24 locations across the Central Florida co-op, evok provides the franchise with strategic media and creative services to seamlessly align their menu and environment offerings with what their target customer is searching for.

For the blended drink leader, our goals were to increase brand presence in Central Florida as it relates to the Planet Smoothie target audience and drive in-store traffic and trial with new customers through geo, audience and behavioral targeting and media running concurrently with the national promotional calendar. With an understanding of the Planet Smoothie audience—youth passionate about healthy eating and an active lifestyle—we set out to apply a combination of strategy and heart capable of connecting the casual eatery with their ideal consumer.


Our team developed a strategic digital media plan for the Central Florida co-op inclusive of online display, mobile and Pandora ads.

In addition, we designed and implemented a strong social media strategy and presence that helped fans connect to the brand through engaged interaction and messaging they could relate to.

With aims to reach the 18 to 24 year old market, particularly those interested in making healthier eating choices, our creative and media teams worked in tandem to concept, write and produce radio spots to be aired on Pandora Internet radio stations. The spots featured an “out-of-this-world” approach to marketing the “best tasting smoothies on the planet,” using a youthful and memorable concept to share the Planet Smoothie message.


Our efforts were successful in generating a buzz around Planet Smoothie that helped franchises perform positively even in Orlando’s highly-competitive market.

During our engagement:

  • Sales are up 15% YOY
  • Traffic increased 7.12% YOY
  • Overall data suggests there are more store visitors becoming loyal/returning Planet Smoothie customers
  • Social media following grew by nearly 10,000 new fans (clocking in at 14,807 from just 4,927)

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