Rosen Shingle Creek


The name Rosen is synonymous with conventions in Central Florida.

Still, Rosen Hotels and Resorts needed to maintain, and increase, name awareness in the competitive leisure travel and meeting planner markets. With the upcoming opening of Rosen Shingle Creek, set to become one of the largest luxury convention resorts in Central Florida, came the challenge to familiarize the industry with the new property. With a target of $100 million/one million room nights in pre-construction bookings for meeting and conventions, our team was tasked with meeting and surpassing these objectives to help the new resort gain visibility amongst event planners and attendees.


To rise to the challenge presented, our team set out to merge unique marketing programs, such as the Grey Goose “Putt for a Million,” FAM events and continue proven marketing initiatives, primarily focused on the Internet consumer, to promote Rosen’s brand and its properties.

We developed a unified brand between the three convention hotels (Rosen Shingle Creek, Rosen Centre and Rosen Plaza) exposing meeting planners to the Rosen message with more frequency without budget increase.

To measure success, we implemented unique 800 numbers, URLs, Google Analytics and Webtrends, as well as evōk’s own proprietary software, for trend tracking. On the digital front, we developed bridge pages to direct SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web campaigns to target specific demographics, understanding vertical marketing was essential to our efforts.

Additionally, our team was tasked with creating a brand experience for the Rosen Shingle Creek that would extend beyond basic collateral needs, with elements that live and breathe outside the resort’s doors. We created the compendium (in-room guide), the key packet, sales kit and email campaign to support the grand opening. We also spearheaded the identity development for seven food and beverage outlets and The Spa at Shingle Creek.

Complementing the materials, we developed a detailed media and messaging strategy to reach meeting planners in both the corporate and association fields via targeted trade publications, a teaser direct mail campaign and an interactive email countdown that showcased the property’s unique features.

Finally, we launched a promotion targeted at leisure travelers with a special grand opening rate of $99.39 per night. It included a strategically selected media mix of magazine and newspaper print ads, supported by banner ads on the Internet.


With aggressive sales goals, the grand opening campaign was considered a success at just under one million room nights. After reaching the pre-construction booking goal, Rosen Shingle Creek continued to exceed sales and awareness benchmarks. In independent market surveys, Rosen Hotels & Resorts has ranked higher in consumer ad recognition than any other Central Florida hotel in the past three years. All Rosen properties rank in the top three organic web search engine results. The branding of all three properties together has enabled the Rosen sales department to sell each property as a unique solution for their clients, rather than properties competing against each other.

Every marketing initiative evōk developed for Rosen had a tracking mechanism, which was gathered and analyzed for effectiveness.

It not only let us evaluate the marketing initiative’s effectiveness against industry standards, but also, allowed us to adjust the program in a “real-time” setting rather than months after the program’s run, thereby maximizing results throughout the initiative.

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