Space Coast Credit Union


Our intrinsic understanding of changing membership requirements within credit unions and the growing demand for a solution to big-bank fees allowed us to provide positive, measurable results for past clients in the financial industry, including Trustco Bank, FAIRWINDS Credit Union and InSight Credit Union.

Key industry knowledge, first-hand experience in the field, and a unique approach to delivering results-driven creative campaigns fueled our partnership with Space Coast Credit Union, bringing in big wins for both.

With an objective of capturing more of the South Florida market by introducing the area’s Hispanic population to the brand in Spanish, while maintaining a strong presence in North Florida, SCCU aimed to expand their reach and generate leads through direct marketing, call centers and in-branch collateral. Another primary goal of our work with the credit union was to increase visibility and understanding of their Members’ Watchdog philosophy throughout the state, ensuring the brand’s commitment to sound financial stewardship for its members was efficiently conveyed in all messaging. Finally, we worked to improve the credit union’s mortgage and auto loan goals, which were trending at 20 percent below target, by providing guidance on an overall marketing strategy for long-term use through industry insights and critical analysis.


In order to craft a multi-channel marketing campaign capable of delivering a positive outcome, we examined the credit union’s previous year of media activity and client performance metrics through advanced regression analysis to identify causal relationships between advertising and results.

Once we had identified key insights about SCCU’s past performance, we established a strategic media plan that utilized the most effective media mix to reach client objectives and goals through print, radio, television, cinema, online and out-of-home.

Leveraging the power of personal connections in advertising campaigns, we created the “Member Testimonial” campaign for use within direct response messaging efforts.

We also crafted in-branch campaigns to support Auto, Mortgage and Free Checking product sales goals, while leveraging public relations efforts for special promotions and events.

Ultimately, we developed an integrated “What Matters to You, Matters to Us” campaign to deliver on SCCU’s brand promise across all products and touch points.


Following our partnership with SCCU, sales volume increased 35 percent, exceeding all year-end client goals.

Our extensive positioning efforts resulted in brand awareness increasing by 23 percent in new markets and regression analysis identified an optimum media strategy. Adjusting the mix resulted in savings to SCCU of $600,000, while still meeting sales objectives.

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