Spice World

Industry: Packaged Goods,

Capabilities: Creative, Social Media,


Serving up unbelievably fresh, bold flavors, Spice World has made its way into homes and plates across America as the nation’s number one choice in garlic. In need of a strategic and creative partner to keep business cooking, the national leader looked to our team for help getting their products off the shelves.


Retail Packaging

Our team designed eye-catching, on-brand retail packaging to be sold at supermarkets and stores across the country. Always working to accent the brand’s commitment to freshness and unbeatable flavor, we paired color and copy to effectively capture the attention of shoppers and ultimately get them to make a purchase.

Social Media Promotions

Working to build brand awareness and loyalty with past, present and potential customers, evok’s social media team currently manages the Spice World footprint across the digital world. With seasonal promotions and active community management, we have been successful in continuously growing the brand’s Facebook following.

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