Executing Healthcare Awareness Campaigns in the Midst of Crisis

The Opioid Crisis

Over the last decade, the opioid epidemic in America has greatly impacted the ways in which healthcare providers administer both urgent and preventative care options to those most affected.

There’s no way to immediately judge just how much of an impact the opioid crisis will affect Florida in the future, but there are still ways in which healthcare organizations can educate the masses while helping those who may be struggling with addiction.


Acknowledge That There’s a Problem

As much as you may pride your organization on being the best at what you do, on behalf of your patients, we know you can’t do it all. Essentially, admitting that there’s a problem in the way that you currently disseminate vital, educational information to patients and their families is the first step in creating a more effective crisis-based communication plan.

Once you’ve addressed the elephant in the room, your focus should then shift to creating the best plan of action for keeping those concerned up to date on any new developments, legislative actions and treatment/recovery options.


Become an Advocate for Patients and Families

As mentioned before, there’s educational information that’s important for both patients and their families. When dealing with addiction, the circle of those affected is much wider than what some people would perceive.

Be mindful of creatively effective ways in which your organization can disseminate information that families and caretakers can use to help care for patients and information that can help patients take better care of themselves.

The more effort you put towards creating an environment of mutual support, the more likely you are see positive treatment results.


Team up with Proven Industry Experts

Perhaps the only silver lining that comes from the opioid crisis in Florida is that there are plenty of industry organizations that are willing to help get the word out to the right audiences, freeing you and your system up to do the one thing that matters most: improving the health of your patients.

If you’re looking for an agency that can help you prioritize and optimize your current marketing and education strategies, contact us at 407-585-8231, or email us at

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