How the Self-Serving Kiosk Will Boost Your Restaurant Sales

Even though we’re still a long way out from being served our Big Macs by an army of HAL 9000s, restaurants are still leading the charge when it comes to implementing self-ordering kiosks.

Digital receipts, digital boards, iPad menus and POS tablets have already made their way into the restaurant industry. Self-ordering kiosks are expected to provide several benefits, which means now is the time to get on top of this trend and examine the implications this tech may have on the restaurant industry.

The Benefits of a Self-Ordering Kiosk

  • Gives the power back to the purchaser. Customers will now have the choice to order through the drive thru, at the walkup counter or at a self-ordering kiosk.
  • Amps up the convenience factor. Just like a drive thru, the self-ordering kiosk is a convenience. If lines are too long, customers can turn to the kiosk.
  • Provides more customer-cashier facetime. A better customer interaction will create a more memorable experience leading to positive online and word-of-mouth reviews.
  • Increases order accuracy. Customers will be able to see on the screen exactly what they ordered, reducing the margin of error.
  • Streamlines the purchasing process. Restaurants will be able to get orders in and out at a higher rate.
  • Adds more opportunities for the upsell. All the add-on, side and combo options will be displayed on the screen to entice customers.

There’s a whole lot of potential surrounding self-ordering kiosks, so you must be able to wield their power wisely.

Don’t Miss the Mark on Effective In-Store Initiatives

We are creatures of habit. We’re more likely to go through the same routine of ordering at the counter or through the drive thru if a new service isn’t introduced to us.

You must provide incentives to entice customers to use your self-ordering kiosk. The first week or two after you set it up, advertise a free side or drink if customers order through it. You can also specifically assign some of your workers to be self-ordering kiosks greeters the first month or so after you introduce it. They can suggest to customers to use it and then guide them through the process.

Remember that although human-based customer interactions are still the norm for most major restaurants, it’s futile to resist the implications of a more digitally driven approach to food service and how it could affect revenue success for businesses.


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