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Always swiped, zoomed or connected to the latest in tech, we’re often fortunate to be tapped to turn consumers onto the latest electronics brands. Building new brand advocates or creating ambassadors, our goal is simple, create strategies that becomes music to the ears. We invite you to plug in to our consumer electronics case studies below.

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Comparing iPhone X and iPhone 8

iPhone X vs. iPhone 8: A Look at Customer Confusion

Apple surprised the world with their announcement that on November 3, we can expect to see three new phones: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. It’s called the “iPhone ten”, not the iPhone X—just to clear up any confusion. Moreover, the differences in the phones and…

New Apple Watch

What’s New with Apple?

The highly anticipated annual Apple Conference happened on June 5 and it was then that Apple revealed what we can expect to see next. Questions consumers were asking included everything from the new iPhone 8 and Apple Watch rumors, to iOS updates, to name a few. Let’s explore what’s new…

Cheryl Parker Consumer Electronics Marketing Expert

Senior Account Manager

With over a decade of experience leading her clients to success in the consumer electronics arena, Cheryl has worked with some of the industry’s heaviest hitters.

Having built a career on guiding groundbreaking work for national and international brands like JVC Kenwood USA and AAMP of America, Cheryl’s experience in the field is unrivaled, as is her commitment to being a steward of her clients’ best interests. From representing her clients at industry events to ensuring each piece used to promote their brands are always up to her high standards, Cheryl’s approach to brand and account management is comprehensive, proactive and, most importantly, genuine.

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