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Putting on our thinking caps, we support educational institutions with creative campaigns that match potential students with the knowledge they need to succeed. We invite you to examine our case studies for Orange County Public Schools, The University of Central Florida, Remington College and others to check if they make the grade.

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Technology in Classrooms

How Technology Is Used To Enhance Learning In Classroom

Technology has changed over the years, and the tools students use to learn has evolved, too. This is not just for college-age students—this begins in grade school. From the preschool years, kids are growing up with technology all around them, and to keep the best and brightest students engaged, schools…

seo, search engine optimization, marketing

Smart SEO Marketing For Higher Education Institutions

What do you think is the most important tool to advertise your business online? When it comes to digital marketing, learning the ABCs of SEO is crucial to online visibility. For higher education institutions in particular, leveraging the endless possibilities of search engine optimization means better connecting with present and…

Carly Laskey Education Marketing Expert

Senior Account Manager

When it comes to reaching current and potential students, growing enrollment or establishing an institution as a leader in their field, Carly Laskey knows how to make the grade.

With a client roster that includes Marion County Community and Technical Adult Education, Orange County Public Schools and the First Academy, Carly has helped a number of educational institutions reach key audiences with her focus on constant, timely and relevant communications, attention to detail and a commitment to always upholding her clients’ reputation.

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