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Making dollars and sense, advertising for law firms and financial institutions are both highly regulated, and cutting through the clutter to earn market trust for long-standing issues and life-changing decisions challenges our agency to develop out of the box marketing strategies. We invite you to read case studies and see the creative developed for some of our clients within these industries who have put their trust in us.

Industry Insights

Credit Union Marketing

Digital Trends Credit Unions Should Embrace

Managing finances as an individual is no easy task, especially in a changing economy with more fast-paced lifestyles than ever. How is a small credit union going to navigate these waters? With solid targeted marketing and strategy behind a user-friendly online and mobile applications, land is on the horizon. Closing the…

How To Strategically Plan for More Effective Association Marketing

While associations have proven to be a mainstay in the business and brand community, they face many obstacles that other companies and brands do not. While some may view budget limitations and membership fluctuation as a hindrance, evok sees the opportunity for creative and strategic solutions...

Larry Meador Financial/Legal Marketing Expert

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

A field commanded by ever-evolving regulations and strict policies, tact, strategy and good old-fashioned common sense are essential to success in financial and legal industries.

From working as a bank teller in college to leading the evok team as agency founder and author of Extra Credit Union Marketing, Larry has spent his entire career working with financial and legal institutions. As Chief Strategy Officer, his work with FAIRWINDS Credit Union, Insight Financial, Trustco Bank and many others has focused on growing member loyalty and promoting product and service lines through integrated marketing strategies employing every tool in his professional arsenal to deliver maximum impact.

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