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From diagnosing challenges and opportunities to reach potential patients, to prescribing industry-specific strategic solutions, our healthcare clients take care of the health of others; we take care of the rest. MZI Healthcare, Orlando Orthopaedic and Mid Florida Eye Center and Logan Eye Care are just some of the organizations that have put their trust in us. We invite you to examine their case studies below.

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Sentiments on Sentiment Analysis

Humans are innately social creatures, and in an increasingly interconnected world, we’re sharing more than ever on social media. Consequently, social media data is hardly ever black and white, but rather riddled with opinions and attitudes. For advertisers, this wealth of shared information is a gold mine for insights about…


Members of the evok account strategy and public relations teams recently attended the HIMSS Conference (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society) where 34,000+ professionals convened to discuss Health Care Management through information technology and management systems. Talk among exhibitors included Big Data warehousing on the cloud, real time records, risk management…

Melanie Hale Healthcare Marketing Expert

Account Manager

Healthcare marketing is as much about reaching a wider patient base as it is about improving the ways in which centers and providers are able to impact their patients’ lives.

Having worked with major care organizations including Primary Care Alliance, Celebration Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, Advanced Nursing Concepts and HIMA Health, Melanie has a deep understanding of this fact. A dedicated worker with excellent relationship building and collaborative skills, Melanie’s ability to adapt quickly to new, high-pressure situations has been a key asset in consistently delivering positive results across more than a decade of work with premier healthcare organizations.

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