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From diagnosing challenges and opportunities to reach potential patients, to prescribing industry-specific strategic solutions, our healthcare clients take care of the health of others; we take care of the rest. MZI Healthcare, Orlando Orthopaedic and Mid Florida Eye Center and Logan Eye Care are just some of the organizations that have put their trust in us. We invite you to examine their case studies below.

Industry Insights

Marketing for Hospitals

Best Marketing Strategies for Hospitals

Should a hospital advertise? If so, what is the best way for them to advertise? Hospitals are not a place that people want to visit, but if they must visit, they want the best hospital with the best care for them and their loved ones. In a market with so…

Healthcare RFP

Streamlining the RFP Process and Ad Agency Selection for Healthcare Organizations

Without the proper resources and strategic planning from a healthcare marketing/advertising agency, your healthcare organization, hospital or medical enterprise is destined to lose traction, plateau or diminish in the heat of competition. So when it’s time to begin the search for a full-service advertising agency, it can be a bit…

Melanie Hale Healthcare Marketing Expert

Account Manager

Healthcare marketing is as much about reaching a wider patient base as it is about improving the ways in which centers and providers are able to impact their patients’ lives.

Having worked with major care organizations including Primary Care Alliance, Celebration Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, Advanced Nursing Concepts and HIMA Health, Melanie has a deep understanding of this fact. A dedicated worker with excellent relationship building and collaborative skills, Melanie’s ability to adapt quickly to new, high-pressure situations has been a key asset in consistently delivering positive results across more than a decade of work with premier healthcare organizations.

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