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Perhaps the most rewarding part of our jobs is giving back to our community and helping non-profit organizations make an even bigger impact on the lives of others. We have a passion for cause-related marketing, and it shows in the work we have done. We invite you to review our non-profit case studies showcasing our efforts for those who have put their trust in us.

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Your non-profit advertising dollars go far on social media

How Non-Profit Organizations Can Raise Awareness with Social Media

Do you ever wonder how far the messages you see on social media come from? Thanks to the vast amount of changes in technology and social media platforms, any company, even the smallest non-profit organizations have the ability to reach the other side of the world. Non-profit organizations’ greatest asset…

Project Spotlight: Black Tie on the Wild Side Invitation

Client: Central Florida Zoo Project: Black Tie on the Wild Side Invitation Description: When tasked with developing an invitation for the Central Florida Zoo’s Black Tie on the Wild Side celebrating the attraction’s 40th anniversary, we wanted to create something that promised a roaring good time at the “Great Catsby”…

Cheryl Parker Non-Profit Marketing Expert

Senior Account Manager

Successful nonprofit marketing requires a careful combination of strategy and heart—striking a balance between perfecting the formula for reaching key audiences and knowing exactly how to connect with them on a personal level.

With a nonprofit client list that includes NMEDA, Devereux, Community Based Care of Central Florida, Florida Housing and much more, Cheryl Parker has mastered this art, securing widespread support and awareness of major causes across the country. A dedicated brand steward with a focus on sharing her clients’ messages, Cheryl shares an objective with each of her nonprofit accounts—making a difference.

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