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We construct brands and packaged goods with messages that consumers relate to and celebrate with engagement. Today’s consumer is savvy and more refined, which is why our designs push the envelope on innovative breaking through the clutter. Feel free to unwrap some of our case studies and see how our strategies and ideas appeal to consumers’ emotions, increasing engagement, and pushing for repeat purchases.

Industry Insights

Powering Up Product Design

Consumer demand for good product design is driving the phenomenal success of Apple’s iPod, Target stores and even a wastebasket – namely, the Garbo, designed by Karim Rashid for Umbra. Manufacturers who ignore the importance of industrial design do so at their peril, sure to be overtaken by competitors whose…

Breakthrough Products

You may be introducing a breakthrough product at your industry’s major trade show – a product that represents an industry and/or technological “first” destined to change the face of the industry. But be sure your advertising and marketing effectively positions your product so that its significance is clear, or…

Chris Leblanc Packaged Goods Marketing Expert

Creative Director

Leading evok’s creative department with equal parts strategic prowess and out-of-the-box creative execution, Chris LeBlanc has designed eye-catching packaging and collateral for leading product lines.

From packaging for multimedia consoles that make in-car connectivity a seamless experience to top-of-the-line headphones for crisp, clear sound, Chris has amassed unmatched expertise in packaged goods marketing. With a deep understanding of the consumer psyche and just what prompts people to pick up an item from the shelf, evok’s Creative Director keeps his finger on the pulse of the latest in innovation he can bring to our clients for continued positive results.

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