Packaged Goods

Today’s consumer is savvy and sophisticated. They may not always know what they want, but they know when they’ve found it and, in many cases, they find it online. The explosion of ecommerce is not news, but it has transformed the consumer packaged goods industry. For CPG brands it’s official—your online presence just as important as your physical products.

Whether it’s a thumb-stopping Instagram video ad or sponsored content on their most-visited sites, marketers must capture a buyer’s attention and encourage a purchase without that buyer ever holding the product in their hands.

As a digital-forward marketing agency with a focus on ecommerce and online advertising, our agency’s process for working with consumer packaged goods brands places emphasis on seamless online experiences. We empower buyers to become brand loyalists.

Our experience spans the gamut of CPG marketing, extending far beyond ecommerce and conversion-optimized digital advertising. From standout brand identities that connect consumers to products, to packaging that commands shelf space and building and strengthening vendor relationships, we are a partner to our clients for every marketing need and then some. And just like your industry, our process is constantly evolving to match consumer behavior and, ultimately, keep the orders coming.

Our work pushes the envelope on innovation to break through the clutter, and our results speak for themselves. From lifts in sales to marked increases in brand recognition and repeat purchases, we take on every partnership with a CPG brand with a bottom-line focus. For us, delivering ROI isn’t an abstract line item on a signed contract—it is the guiding light behind everything we do because when our clients succeed, we do, too.
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State of the Industry Report

This state of the industry report covers areas of focus as they pertain to the Packaged Goods industry, inclusive of trends, best practices, opportunities and more. Based on these findings, this report also includes our predictions for emerging opportunities and what is next for the industry.


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