Public Service/Advocacy

Perhaps the most rewarding part of our jobs is giving back to our community. One way we prioritize doing this is by partnering with nonprofit organizations, being by their side in helping them make an even bigger impact on the lives of others. We enable their voice to be heard far away, explain their purpose and help them connect with the public on an emotional level.

We have a passion for cause-related marketing, and it shows in the work we have done.

At the root of the success we have driven for public service and advocacy groups is a studied understanding of what makes a nonprofit thrive. We know that nonprofits work with limited budgets and tight timelines. That means efficiency is key—both in how marketing funds are spent and measuring the results brought in by those efforts. Those results may range from engaging volunteers and nurturing donors, to identifying and onboarding new brand partners and sponsors, but they are all influenced by a single factor. Your audience must believe in you, your cause and the impact you can make on it.
With these objectives in mind, our nonprofit marketing process starts with the power of brand storytelling. Your organization is quite literally changing lives with the work you do, and storytelling is the perfect vessel for sharing your impact. Whether it’s capturing and posting success stories across digital channels, or uniting the masses using a viral challenge supporting a cause, tying in storytelling opens an entire new realm of possibilities and potential connections. It creates an emotional bond between your organization and your supporters, and those bonds are hard to break.
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State of the Industry Report

This state of the industry report covers areas of focus as they pertain to the Public Service/Advocacy industry, inclusive of trends, best practices, opportunities and more. Based on these findings, this report also includes our predictions for emerging opportunities and what is next for the industry.


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