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There is nothing more tasty than record breaking sales and increased traffic. Our seasoned team of restaurant marketing experts have created successful award winning campaigns. Please feel free to help yourself to seconds and dig into the strategies and see the work in our case studies for restaurants across the country.

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Healthy Eating Over the Decades

Healthy Eating: What It Means to Millennials Versus Baby Boomers

What makes food “healthy?” Is it the caloric value? Or the way it makes us feel? Through the decades, the definition of healthy eating has drastically changed, so much so that those questions would draw out vastly different answers from a Baby Boomer and a Millennial. But that’s not all…

How Small Restaurants Survive in a Big-Chain World

Over the last five years, a phenomenon has taken place within the restaurant scenes of cities with high tourist traffic. As hungry travelers and local foodies of different cultural backgrounds become more prevalent in places like Austin, Las Vegas, St. Petersburg, Florida, and even Orlando, the gap for more unique…

Jim Roxbury Restaurant Marketing Expert

VP, Director of Client Services

Having worked with major players in the restaurant and casual eatery industry, including Olive Garden and Dunkin Donuts, Jim’s recipe for effective account management centers on comprehensive communications.

From overarching goals to strategies, milestones met and approaching deadlines, keeping the conversation alive between client and agency is vital for the fast-paced food and beverage industry. Although keeping open communications between partners is far from a trade secret, Jim brings a unique flavor and approach to evok’s account management menu with over three decades of experience, including leadership roles at multiple global leaders in advertising.

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