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Sports marketing is a true team effort. Yes, sports is a passion – it’s fun – it’s exciting, but when clients turn to us, it’s because they realize it’s a business. And, the business of sports can include professional athlete branding, increased ticket sales, merchandising, grants to support travel and tourism and a host of other related opportunities, strategies and tactics. Whether you’re taking the ball and running with it or making a strategic pass, keeping your head on a swivel and adapting quickly to a fast-moving industry will keep you ahead of the competition. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to step up to the plate for individuals, teams and organizations within the sports industry and invite you to read some of our playbooks.

Industry Insights

Fans Engaged in a Sporting Event

Real-Time Engagement with Sports Fans: A Necessity for All Teams

Social media is impacting fan interactions with their favorite sports teams, and the fans are expecting more engagement than ever before. According to Nielsen, 87% of American adults now own a cell phone, and social media reached almost 200 million people each week in the final quarter of 2016. Americans…

Learn how to market to sports’ most avid fans: women.

Marketing to the Modern Female Sports Fan

Sporting events have long been seen as, primarily, a man’s activity, not only those who participate but also the fans. Research suggests that when people are asked what they think of when asked about sports fans, most people envision several men gathered around a TV or at a sports stadium.…

Terry Mooney Sports Marketing Expert

Chief Operating Officer

A key player within evok’s walls, Terry serves as agency COO and continually scores big for our clients in the sports industry with a healthy mix of strategic plays and marketing agility.

With stats that include work with the National Consortium for Academics and Sports, the Florida Sports Foundation and Disney Sports, Terry is quick with a play-by-play of proven strategies to achieve our clients’ objectives. From increased participation to building brand awareness and promoting upcoming events and games, Terry has taken on the title of team and industry captain, with record-breaking results, round after round.

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