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With more than 100 years of travel, tourism and entertainment experience within the evok advertising agency walls, we possess an unparalleled combination of fully integrated strategy, experience and personalized service. From RevPAR, Occupancy Rates and ADR, to increased visitation and upwards-trending engagement across social media channels, our campaigns drive performance with memorable, measurable success that speaks for themselves, while demonstrating our nonlinear path to purchase approach. Ultimately, we solve problems for our clients.

We connect destination brands and travelers, inspiring new adventures while keeping a focus on the results that drive expansion for our clients.

Creatively born from data, insights, and inferences, we provide a holistic, yet boutique, passionate approach to marketing strategy, consumer activations and promotions for the travel, tourism and entertainment industry, from branding through deployment, utilizing both traditional and digital media, as well as the travel trade simultaneously.

We appreciate that there must be synergy between destination marketing efforts and economic development, and the efforts we undertake to entice visitors to explore your destination must do so in collaboration, and cohabitation, with local residents who we both engage and nurture to become true brand ambassadors.

Our storytelling utilizes multiple mediums, platforms and touchpoints, transporting potential guests to experience the vibrancy, intimacy, or ultimately, the uniqueness of your property or destination. We speak with consumers, not to them, sharing uncommon brand stories, magnifying positive guest experiences on review sites and over social media channels, focusing on conversion, while reinforcing, and rewarding, guest loyalty.

But, in case you like digging into strategy (and the results it bears) as much as we do, we encourage you to delve into our case studies below to explore the what, how and why of some of our most successful campaigns for destinations, resorts and hotels across the Western Hemisphere.
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State of the Industry Report

This state of industry report covers areas of focus as they pertain to the Travel, Tourism & Entertainment industry, inclusive of trends, best practices, opportunities and more. Based on these findings, this report also includes our predictions for emerging opportunities and what is next for the industry.


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