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With more than 100 years of travel and tourism experience within the agency walls, we possess an unparalleled combination of strategy, experience and personalized service. From RevPAR, OC rates and ADR, to increased visitation and upwards-trending engagement, our campaign numbers speak for themselves. But, in case you like digging into strategy (and the results it bears) as much as we do, we encourage you to delve into our case studies to explore the what, how, and why of some of our most successful campaigns for destinations, resorts, and hotels across the country.

Industry Insights

Using Social Media While Traveling

Social Media: Changing the Way Consumers Travel

Social media is affecting everything about consumers’ travel decisions from researching and planning to posting during a vacation. Travel statistics report that 19 out of 20 travelers are active on Facebook, and over 50% of travelers look to social media before deciding on their next travel destination. If your brand…

Traveling Alone

Solo Travel: The Freedom to Do What You Want

After publishing a recent blog about the latest in travel trends, solo travel received many comments and inquiries, so we decided to follow it up with a blog dedicated to solo travel. Have you dreamed of traveling to an exotic location to relax in the ocean, or visiting France to…

Stewart Hill Travel & Tourism Marketing Expert

Vice President, Strategic Planning

Great destination marketing engages consumers, prompting them to ask themselves, “When can I go there?”

With experience at the helm of strategic planning for countless travel and tourism destinations, including the Cancun CVB, Grand Bahamas Island Board, Marriott Caribbean and Mexico Resorts, and the Ocala/Marion County VCB, Stewart knows what it takes to get people places. Whether our clients’ goals are increased visitation, growth in bookings or capturing business from the group meetings sector, Stewart leads evok’s strategy efforts with a trained eye focused on the ultimate objective.

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