Top Performing Email Marketers Focus On This First

Trying to decide how much emphasis to place on each stage of the email marketing process? Evok breaks down how much time top performing email marketers spend in each area compared to the rest of the crowd. Campaign Strategy: Average Marketers: 14% Top Performing Marketers: 22% Creative Concepts: Average Marketers:…

What To Test For When Creating A Winning Email Marketing Campaign

Below is a list of the elements the best email marketers test when preparing to launch a new email campaign. 72% test their subject lines 61% test the message / content of their email 50% test the creative and call to actions within their email 46% test the day of…

Supercharging Your Tweets For Maximum Engagement

Tweets sent out on Saturdays and Sundays receive on average 17% more engagement. Tweets under 100 characters receive on average 17% more engagement. User engagement increases by 21% when one or two hashtags are used.

The Benefits of a More Visual Social Media Presence

Videos are shared 12x more on social media than text posts. Photos receive 53% more likes on Facebook than text posts. Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks than those without.

5 Power Packed Ways To Generate Leads From Email Marketing

Do Your Homework and Segment Effectively: Research your target audiences extensively, segment your groups effectively and deliver content that is incredibly specific to each group. Guiding your subscribers through the purchase process generates 4-10 times higher response rates. Personalize Your Content and CTAs: Tailor your content based on your audience’s…