Based in Orlando, FAIRWINDS Credit Union is a financial cooperative—a business owned and controlled by its members on a nonprofit basis.

With a brand promise to meet their members’ needs wherever they are in life, we recognized that several target demographics needed to be reached in order to achieve a successful campaign.

Fairwinds Logo
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We developed a detailed media and messaging strategy to reach each of the target segments, which included a strategically selected media mix of newspaper, magazine, radio, direct mail and outdoor.

In addition, we developed the creative for the campaign, launching the theme: “Members Know.” To position the credit union as friendly and approachable, the campaign featured actual FAIRWINDS employees.

Throughout our engagement, we extended the new brand to various mediums, including outdoor, radio, print, direct mail, web development and in-branch promotion. By creating a flexible, yet recognizable, brand and slogan for FAIRWINDS, we were able to extend the brand to various promotions throughout the year.

Because of shifts in the market later in the year, the branding message was translated to incorporate products. The “Members Know” theme was maintained, while the messaging pushed a specific product or service to a specified demographic—such as credit-driven, middle market or upscale. The message was also translated to direct response with a series of mailers that targeted different audiences. Auto loans, home equity loans and mortgages were among the product-specific direct response campaigns created.

Throughout the year, we created in-branch promotional elements outside the branding campaign to increase sales of specific products. One of our most successful promotions was the “FAIRWINDS Fab Fix-Up.” The goal was to promote the Home Equity Line of Credit through a contest where members could win a room makeover. Our work involved:

  • Developing the name/logo for the promotion, coordination of all contest details (including the rules) and development of all creative (posters, ATM signs, teller signs, drive-through banners, postcards, statement stuffers, print ads and a landing page online)
  • Designing buttons and aprons for the crew members to wear in the service centers

The contest was also promoted with a teaser ad in Orlando Magazine and a follow-up ad to thank sponsors and showcase the “after” photos of the winner’s room.


The brand development helped us exceed all of our promotional goals for the year.

We effectively cross-sold products to existing members through the creation of contests, creative and incentives, which always reinforced the brand and overall awareness. The client has also reported an increase in members.

The “FAIRWINDS Fab Fix-Up” contest resulted in a total of $15,789,759 in home equity loans disbursed over a two-month period. Overall, the credit union exceeded its pre-determined promotion goal (106%).

Following the success of the campaign, evok has continued to partner with FAIRWINDS, most recently crafting emotionally appealing copy for their newly launched website.

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